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::SP Pageant - The Quiet Athletic Girl:: by Lunar-Hibiki ::SP Pageant - The Quiet Athletic Girl:: by Lunar-Hibiki
Fullbody base: [link]
Portrait Base: ~Shugomewmermeid's (Was deleted, but a blank still lingers somewhere on photobucket, I believe)

First thing in ages, how's it been guys? XD Sorry I've been so busy with college, haven't had the time/drive to doll much

BUT, #secret-panda is holding a totally awesome pageant, and I was like "shit that sound like fun :'D"
So here is my audition. : B I'm hoping it's ok I used a semi-large base like this. :c I really wanted to use a style of base that worked well with my character's personality, and the P&SwG style just fit too well. Well... she grows into the perfect personality for it; beginning of her 'story', not so much.
I figured I could use the pageant for not only some more dolling practice, but as a way of helping to develop Elli here, who has only been doodled once or twice. She's the "main character" of what I hope to make into a fighting game one day. c:

A lil about her (and the story) :
Ellie is the really athletic type, normally always seen with track shorts and a sweater; or at least the shorts. She's well known on the track team at her school, but outside of that, she just sorta fades into the background; which is ok with her. But she's HUGE on getting at bullies, just hates seeing people bullied, so she'll step out of the background to take care of them.
At the beginning of her 'story', Ellie stumbles upon a slightly tattered dog plush toy on the street on her way back from school. She takes it home, but upon falling asleep, she awakes in a dream world, now being told she's one of 64 "participants" who have to fight in these weird "dream battles" with their stuffed-toy companions; who are no longer toys!

Bases (c) :iconshugomewmermeid: & :iconbasemakerofdoom:
Ellie Hart (c) Me.
Nay-Hime Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
This is so beautiful, I love the hair :D
Lunar-Hibiki Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! c:
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April 29, 2012
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