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:TS - Verena Ivonne: by Lunar-Hibiki :TS - Verena Ivonne: by Lunar-Hibiki
Blank App: [link]
Font: aeiou

Lunar maaaay have been playing alot of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim lately, and maaaay have really wanted to make a dragon character :'B
And in looking for dragons for reference, may have found the Dragon Cave wiki and stumbled upon a super cool dragon she wanted to base a new character off of. 8'B


Name: Verena Ivonne
Age: 78
Appearance Age: 17
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Dragon-Half [Based on this [link] ]


Hair: Short, deep black with some strips of red in her bangs, covers her right eye, sticks out in the back a little.
Skin: Fair, a little on the pale side.
Eyes: A dark crimson with specks of yellow.
Height: 5’ 3” not counting wings. 6’0” counting wings.
Weight: A bit on heavier side, but not too heavy.
Distinguishable Features: Dark Crimson horns that curve off the side of her head similar to a ram’s, large black wings and tail that appear as if they have cracks along them, a red-yellow color glowing from under them.
Clothing: A black fleece dress with a high collar, and matching arm warmers over thick brown work gloves. Dark crimson thigh-highs, and velvet-y black boots. All of which was infused with a special material that made it heat-resistant/fireproof so she could wear it.
Dragon Form: Her dragon form is a smaller (10’ 3” from feet to head when on all fours), low to the ground dragon, with smaller wings with a rather long tail. Her scales are dark black, and her horns a dark crimson, but there are areas on her wings, tail, and body that appear as if it’s”cracking”, that emit a glow as if the lava within her is about to spill out. The inside of her mouth and her eyes also glow with this lava-y color. If seen in pitch black, only the glowing cracks and her eyes would be visible.

Tainted Soul

Tainted Soul Ability: None

Species Ability: Though her father was a red dragon, Verena has no fire powers, but instead has lava abilities. As such, she can’t really “breath” the lava, but instead has to spit it up, and so it’s not very effective to use that way unless she wanted to puke up lava onto people; which for obvious reasons she doesn’t want to do. But while she can’t use the lava well outside of her body, she can make great use of it without spitting any up. Because of the lava inside of her, her body is blistering hot to the touch, and radiates warmth. If anyone other than another red dragon, a fire-element demon, or someone with a fire Soul were to touch her, they’d surely get severely burned; both a blessing and a curse, unfortunately. Others can be near her, but it’s going to get very warm around her. She wears thick work gloves to suppress the heat from her hands, so she can shake hands and the like, but again, it’s still very warm so she doesn’t hold on for long.

Weaknesses: Since lava doesn’t mix well with water, Verena doesn’t either. Whether rain or a bathtub, she refused to get near the stuff for fear it will cool off the lava inside her and harden, making her immobile. MIGHT go out into the rain if you have a huge-ass umbrella/parasol, but the chances are slim. Though while she doesn’t like it, snow simply melts when she’s near, but it doesn’t slow her down any. If she melted a huge glacier, on the other hand... well, that wouldn’t go to well for anyone. The lava also weighs her down a little, so she’s not the most graceful flier, but she can get around.
Also, being part dragon, she has a horrible love for shiny things like gold and gems. Pull anything shiny out and she’ll be mesmerized and do near anything for you to get it.

Personal History

Hometown: Reniac Island, near the volcano.
Currently: Fairfax
Occupation: Blacksmith’s Assistant/Apprentice

Personality: She has a ‘firey’ temper, or is at least very easy to set off. While Verena is normally fairly mild natured and gets along with others ok, there’s just something in that red dragon blood of hers that just makes her more easily irritated. More often than not she’ll just growl back at you but then realize she’s getting a little steamed and will apologize, but many in Fairfax know that if you truly piss her off, the real beast in her will come out; more often than not, literally. Several will tell you they’ve seen a large black dragon chasing people out of town from the blacksmith’s place for complaining about something or arguing with her old man. So it’s known by most not to mess with the two; if you’d be brave enough to mess with a dragon and his daughter in the first place. While she won’t outwardly admit it, deep down, she feels a bit ashamed and self-conscious when she tells people she’s a red dragon, as if she’s soiling the face of red dragons by not being able to breath fire like others of her race. Mock her of her lack of fire, however, and she’ll make you severely regret doing so.

History: Her father Sigmund was a red dragon well known through rumors that were spread on the Reniac Islands, the leader of a small clan of other red dragons who resided near the large volcano. The dragons kept to themselves mostly, but after going into a town to grab some things for the clan one day, he returned with a lovely young woman in tow who was smitten with the man. There was an initial unease about her, as no one in her father’s clan really knew who or what the young woman that their leader had become attracted to was, but there was an ‘aura’ about her that made most guess she wasn’t human. However they slowly grew to become more comfortable with her being around, as the aura they felt didn’t resonate an evil or dangerous feel, just foreign. She stayed with them for several years; eventually marrying Sigmund and had a child. After all the years she had been with them, there were eventually guesses that she may have been some sort of demon with an earth attribute, or something else entirely, but no one was truly able to find out as she died shortly after childbirth. It was assumed it was from the intense heat that radiated from the baby’s body, and that had overheated her body and cause her death.

The child born was a dragon-half, but was... different. As apposed to her father’s red scales, hers her black as night. As she grew, her wings remained small to others of her age. And she couldn’t breath fire like her father or the other dragons. For the longest time some of the others, though that perhaps her mother had been some sort of black dragon who had hidden her wings. Verena was all about to believe the whispers until her birthday when she turned 20, she had gotten horribly sick from something she ate; but when she began to vomit, not food but lava spilt out of her mouth. Though the lava didn’t seem to burn her, this terrified her to no end, and she was determined she was a freak and fled to the top of the volcano. Only after gentle coaxing from her father did she come back home, though still scared of herself and kept to herself in her house. Sigmund decided that for his daughter, it would be best to keep her away from other red dragons until she was older and less frightened by her differences.

So the two moved to Fairfax in the Normic desert, and over the years she became more confident with herself; going out and conversing with other and helping her father with the blacksmithing he picked up to make some money so they could afford a house.


Neutral, Kingdom, or Deru: Kingdom
Thoughts on Deru: Dislikes the man for all the harm he’s cause Illia; hope to give the man a good punch to the face for all the families he’s harmed and people he’s killed.


Additional: Likes: Warm places, spicy curry; the hotter the better, her father, shiny things; mostly gems and gold objects but others are ok too,
Dislikes: Water/the sea/rain/baths/showers/etc, being different from other red dragons, rude people,
Music that’d fit them: Fairy Tail Main Theme - [link]
Who’d be their voice: Luci Chritian ( Asuna Kagurazaka ) - [link]
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BeyondTherapy Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Student General Artist
Wait, it's a female. Shit.

o3o still fabulous.
-only saw face at first-
-didn't notice boobs- lol
BeyondTherapy Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Student General Artist
This man is glorious.
He looks amazing.
IridescentStardust Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
HOLY SHAT she looks awesome
I knew Mai would comment about her xDD!!~
But nah srsly ;u; she looks simple enough to be able to draw a lot but good enough that... she looks good >:3~~ hhhhhoooohoh
SRLAC Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Your charries tQAQt Why do they always look so gewwwwwwwwwd

Love dat hair ;u;~<3

And ohoho now we both have dragon-halves >:3
Lunar-Hibiki Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Student Digital Artist
;u; pff, I dunnooo, I just love making characters and designing clothes, ahaha~

Thankiesss <3 And yus, poor Frank shouldn't be alone as the only dragon-half~ ;D
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