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My tablet died this morning...

It was about 4-5 years old, and in the last year I've hit it more and more frequently for just randomly stopping... But... Fuck.
I was just yesterday considering starting up commissions, and now I'll have to do only traditional stuff. :'I

And now the money will be for a new tablet, and not to have money for my classes in the fall.

-rolls into a corner and sobs as she works out what she needs to do-
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Hey guys~!
Just popping over to ask you all if you'd be so kind to vote for your favorite two entries in secret-panda's Pageant. :'D

You can find the poll, here… And Round 1's entries here…

Please remember, vote for your Favorites, you by no means have to vote for me. All of the entries are faaaabulous, so if you see two you like better than mine, go for it. : P I will not be offended in any way.


Aaanyways, Sorry for the lack of non-Secret-Panda dolls |D I just don't have as much of a drive to do dolls anymore unless I'm doing someone's cutie pie OC u 3u

I do have a little project I'm working on that's all my own peeps, and will be done EVENTUALLY. In a recent lack of inspiration, I decided to take on the 30 DAY MONSTER GIRL CHALLENGE over on Tumblr. I'll post them all over on my drawing account after I finish them all, but yeah. Just been cranking them out no problem, but everything else is so hard to draw. ;__;

I also have to blame my friend, who recently let me borrow a WoW account and is paying for it for me. After YEARS and YEARS of saying I'd NEVER play WoW... OTL It's... actually pretty fun. I'd by no means pay for it myself though. XD; Plus once Guild Wars 2 comes out, he's dropping WoW for a good while. And I don't blame him, lol. GW2 looks amazing and is Free-to-play. But yeah. |D

I also just made the pattern and got the fabric for a life-sized Sneasel plush oh gods, so keep an eye out for that on my tumblr lol

Hope you all are doin good otherwise though, and I love you all~ > 3< :heart:
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Made a tumblr. Not much on it yet, but yeah e3e;
Wanted to follow some people who left DA for tumblr mostly, and having so many bookmarks was just annoying, so I decided to make one. :U

I dunno, I'll mostly post art there, not dolls, but if you don't care too much, go ahead and follow me or whatevs. :'B
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Hello everyone! :'D
Sorry it's been a while, getting caught up in college work, bluh. :c Comics are very time consuming...

BUT ANYWAYS, I was hoping I could get some help from my lovely watchers c':>
You see, WeLoveFine is holding a My Little Pony t-shirt design contest, and I entered some designs. I was hoping I could get everyone's time to spare a vote or two... or five. <:3c
It would mean a TON to me if you guys could vote on them, and then possibly share my links to get others to vote on them. Even if you're not really a fan of ponies, it would mean SOOOO much if you just take a minute to vote on these for me ;o; :heart:

Here's my designs~ Give them a moment to load; if it's not designed by Echo Lewis, then it's not mine. XD

Dancing DJ…


Gamer Ponies…

Where do I belong?…

Colors of Ponyville…

If you don't feel like voting for all 5, at least vote for the top 2.
Explain to me this sudden fad of fancying the posts to the extent some do? With the whole, a picture along a side, the characters name at the top, with the dividers separating the post. And some even add their character's location, mood, and other things on the bottom.

A good friend and I are planning to re-vamp teehee an old vampire rp we'd started YEARS ago that had unfortunately died, and upon looking around the other night, I noticed nearly everyone doing the above mentioned with their posts. o: It's really interesting, and some of the posts look quite gorgeous. If some of you aren't sure what I mean, I mean like the posts in this thread… I'm quite fond of those Captain Soli and Evane Lierist people's post setup~ My only thing with it is that I really wish more people would use their own art instead of random anime pics from photobucket. D;

BUT YES, I'm really curious why this caught on like it has, it's pretty cool, imo. O: So if any of you know, could you share?
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[EDIT] And I promise stuff this month, since I've got a Secret-Panda. I just took perhaps the most ridiculous and hardest choice to doll after not dolling in almost 2 months, so I'm struggling a little to make it look good. ;u; a-ahahah~

Hello all~

Just wanted to say many many thanks to those who shared some music with me my last journal. c: I was crappily able to finish my final animation. =u= But hell, got a B- in the class as a final grade, so at least I didn't end up failing cause of it. XD

Anyways, been home for almost 2 weeks now, however due to problems with our internet provider being stupid jerks, I hadn't had internet til just yesterday. But now with a fancy new internet, I'm back up! :'D So I'll get on those Secret-Panda dolls as soon as I get my butt off the warm couch and go down to my cold basement were my desktop with paint is. =v=;; Aaand finish unpacking all my stuff so my room is clean, ahaha~ I'll get to that soon though, not to worry. It's just not fun being down there cause it's so cold, so I'll probably search the basement for a heater of some sort. XD

So I'll be postin some stuff up decently soon, so stay tuned~ :heart:
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Pasting it right from gaia, cause I'm trying there too. I've, got a bit of a problem...

Tomorrow in my animation class, I have an animatic that has 6 seconds of it animated that is due. However, I've fallen into a HUGE motvation-less slump the past... well month, and can't get myself to finish this stupid thing. :c I'm really beating myself up over it, especially since it's not even the final project for the class, and I really need some motivation to get working again. So I was curious if you all could send some music my way. Normally I can get re-inspired/motivated if I get latched onto a cool new song, but I haven't been able to find anything that's getting to me. :/

Um, for a little reference if you wanna know the kind of music I normally listen to, I'm quite fond of:
Pendulum, Innerpartysystem, Daft Punk, Linkin Park, Cobra Starship, the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt OST, Temposhark, Imogen Heap/Frou Frou, alot of the songs from MS Paint Adventures' Homestuck, and Gorillaz.
You don't necessarily need to stay near those types of music, but I'm really not a fan of rap or country. Unless you think it would inspire me in some odd way.

Again, if anyone could send some songs my way, I would be so grateful. ;u; <3
=u=; Ello all~ Sorry I haven't done much for journals around here. Been busy with work and games. |'D Tis gonna be quite a loooong journal since it's been a while, so bear with me~

Just had a fun little experience that made me wanna share it before I blaber on about other things~
So, I watch some base groups, cause I love finding new bases. Well, in one I watch, they also allow dolls for whatever reason and I guess tutorials. I saw one the other day, titled something like, "no nos of dolling". Decided to take a look cause I had some free time to do nothing. Now, not gonna bother with the doll itself, but what bothered me was that, it had some decently important "no nos", but they didn't like to the base in the description. T'was one of those "lol i forgot" cases. >A>; So, I commented:

Sorry if this seems rude, but isn't another kinda important part of "base usage" being to not forget who the base is by? :/ I mean, it's not that hard to just keep it in a tab on firefox/safari/etc, or just make a folder in your favorites for "bases I'm using/I've used".

I understand this isn't necessarily about that, more-so on the actual dolling, but just sayin. =u=; Some base makers get really fussy about "forgetting" who made the base.

I figured it wasn't that mean or anything, and still got my point across. A little bit ago I checked my messages and received a reply from them.

:iconhahaplz: i know i was going to try to edit the description, but my sisters bf had his baptism today, so i never had any real time to do so,

>_>; I... don't quite see how his baptism and you forgetting the base have anything in common but whatever. I checked, and they added the base maker. So I was going to reply just that, but I couldn't. I looked again at the deviation, and they hid the comments. =u=; Ahaha, I just found it greatly amusing that they hid the comments. Iiiii guess that's what I get for trying to be helpful and follow other base-maker's rules. :shrug:

ANYWAYS, onto more important news~
I got Pokemon Blaaaack~ :'D FC is 1291 7576 5154, name's Hibiki. Though I may not be able to wifi with anyone til May, as the college doesn't like Nintendo wifi. >': But if you wanna battle anytime after the first week of may, lemme know. Unless you're a lame-o who uses a team of legendaries. >:T Then I won't fight you, cause you're a lame-o.

Life here has been pretty sucky since I last made a journal, mostly due to two horrible room-mates. It was still "freshmen week" when I last posted a journal... But yes, because myself and the others were too nice in the beginning of the year, we got walked all over, and pretty much made the three of us hate life here. Moved out of the biggest and nicest room because one wanted the space for painting, which was fine, and then proceeded to take our dining room table and paint on that. We made an agreement that none of us wanted to do dishes we didn't use, so to just clean anything you use. Well, I guess ghosts live in the appartment, cause they never do any of our dishes, and don't clean em. Oh, and we don't touch their stuff, cause one girl is allergic to gluten, and doesn't want her stuff "dirty", fine. But to then just trash our stuff... And... a bunch of other things I could whine on about, but I'll spare ya'll. c':
If you read this Ry, yes I know I shoulda kicked em out earlier. >':
So, I fear it's gonna affect me when I hopefully get to SCAD, cause I do want to be nice, but I now have this fear I'll just be walked on again. >: Not much we can do now, as it's so late in the year, so we're just toughing it out til then.

So back to pokemon~ I'm trying out for :iconpokemon-ubf: on my other account~ If you wanna see, here's a link to my character's profile: I'm really excited, and can't wait to practice my comic skills~ >:'3 I'm partially working on the mini-contest entry now. :3c

Working on some animations for classes, a few up on Youtube already if anyone wants to see them:… And you can see all my silly favorites. =u=; Currently working on an animatic for Animation 1, which I'll be animating 6 seconds of, which I'm gonna do the beginning of my Nyte Lyfe story, though I dunno how much of it I can do, as it's only suppose to be a minute, and it's a bit of talking. =u=;; And a short looping animation in Flash for Digital Fundamentals, which I'll just say I'm using the song Rockstar (Jason Nevins Remix) by NERD… .  |'D I'm SO damn excited to finish that one, ahahaha, just brings a smile to my face as I listen to the song~ <3

Hurp, oh geeze, long journal is long. :'B Better end it I suppose, haha~ Love you all~ Hope you're doing well~ c:
And for those still asking; NO, I don't have my old bases, and I had no intention of ever putting them back up. :heart:
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Yeeeeeah, forgot to mention it over here, but I'm at college at the moment. XD; HURP-DE-DURP~

Soooo, hyup, I'm now in Detroit, at CCS, the College of Creative Studies. :'3 My major, at the moment, is Entertainment Arts~ >v< I don't start classes til the day after Labor Day, but I've been here since the 29th of August. =w=

Livin it up over here~ Sharing a room with [at the moment] 3 other girls, but we've got two more coming Saturday [as only freshmen and RA/Residential Advisors are here now]~ It's pretty great. The last few days it's been unbearably warm, but today is actually really nice. w@; Not sweating no matter where I go~ And in about 15 minutes are "hall olympics", where I'm guessing we do sports of some kind with all the people on our floor. XD; Haha, so yeah~

Also, ChaosTearKitsune and kirei-kuro, I will be able to draw whatever you to want for prizes soon. I'm on my tardy laptop at the moment cause we're all sharing one ethernet cord, and we have yet to buy wireless. DX But I promise I'll get your prizes to you two when you decide~! :heart:
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Contest is over, skip to bottom to see results~

So I've been browsing the wonderful world of Danbooru lately, and stumbled upon the two greatest tags, EVAR~ Casual and Contemporary~ |'D I'm a HUGE sucker for clothes, so these are j-just-- *drools* =w= S-so pretty... BUT ANYWAYS! I thought I'd have a little contest, since the last contest I had was over a year ago. *3* So new one~ And plus, Touhou was a bit obscure for most, so I'm sure that made some people not wanna join since they didn't know what it was. But clothing is known to ALL~ 8'D

Now then, the contest is basically draw one of my characters, and one of your own characters in Casual/Contemporary clothes~ You can doll as many characters as you want, but at least one must be mine, and one yours. So you could doll tons of your friends characters if you wanted. xD Heck, do a whole group base with people~ I wanna see your inner fashion-designer people! >:'3
*is not obsessed with clothes or anything*
Dolls, Traditional, and other Digital art are all accepted, so don't feel like you have to doll it. :'D

I'm sure some of you are thinking, 'Hibiki, wtf are casual/contemporary clothes?' And I have an answer for you~ Below are several links to imo, the 'best of the best' from Danbooru. =v=

note that some are smaller than they really are, so press the 'size' on the left, under all the tags, to get the picture to expand to it's original size.………………………………………

Reference pictures of my characters:…

Now the deadline will be 3 weeks from now, August 14th August 18. Hopefully that should be plenty of time to do some dolling. If you need a deadline extension for whatever reason, please let me know asap. owo
Prizes will be... A doll or drawing of whatever you want? o3o I has nothing fancy to give, so art will have to do~ =w=;


HURP, Ok, so I've been busy/distracted lately. =v=; Deadline was... technically two days ago. Crazy 1 am. =v=; Anyways, I'll get right on judging the entries and come up with an answer tomorrow/later today. XD;

SO! The winners of the contest aaaare~
In first place, ChaosTearKitsune! - Dem some sexy fine guys~ 'Nuff said. :iconmotherofgodplz:
You may have a digital, colored drawing or full-body doll of any character you'd like.

In second place, kirei-kuro! - The way it's colored is lovely~ Donner is lookin quite sexy thar, and Michi is just too adorable! :iconilavplz:
You may have a digital, line art or 3/4-ish-body doll of any character you'd like.

And in third place, Akip-chan! - Hhnnnng~ That cute style! <3  And Both Kawari and Hibiki have such cute outfits~ :iconiloveitplz:
And you may have a digital sketch, or a portrait/headshot doll of any character you'd like.

To the rest of you, I loved your entries greatly, but I can only do so much art for prizes. Thank you all for taking the time to enter~ ;w;

1- :iconchizuke: -…
2- :iconchaostearkitsune: -…
3- :iconakip-chan: -…
4- :iconnanzzyrulezz: -…
5- :iconfrozen-child82: -…
6-:iconkirei-kuro: -
7-:iconprincessg123: -
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:'U I haven't made a journal since march? Good god... o__o;

WELL, I just wanted to let you all know, I think I'm going to delete my traced bases that I've already shoved to a hidden spot on my page. :T I'm just kinda sick of them.. Now, I'll keep edits of other bases, and my originals, but other than that, I think I'm tossing the others. o3o

soooo~ save em while you have the chance if you reeeeeally want them, but I'll be getting rid of them in the morning... or whenever I wake up tomorrow. >3>;


Other than that, hope you all have been enjoying yourselves this fine summer~ 2010 is quite the awesome year. >:'3 Pokemon SoulSilver, Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, Scott Pilgram vs The World movie, Starcraft II, Nintendo kicking major ass at E3 in general. |'D whoo, great year for games and movies~ :heart:
Plus [for myself anyways], I've finally graduated High School, so I can start on my journey to do what I've wanted to do: create video games. ;v; puuyu~ maybe one day, I'll get to go to E3 with a game I've helped to make~ hurp, it wouldn't be for many, maaany years, but maybe one day... *w*

So I hope you all enjoy your summer~! <3
And remember, put on lots of sun tan lotion so you don't burn til you're bright red and start peeling. >:T Cause it's painful.
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Yeah, sorry I haven't been on in a while. Kinda got grounded for a bit for failing a class. :I So I'm sort of back, though I still don't go on as much; I still feel guilty about going on. But if you were wondering at all where I'd gone, that was were. xD

So, in misc news... Got Final Fantasy XIII and SoulSilver. Love them both. *o* I take that Pokewalker everywhere lul. I've been trying to get good arts for a nice portfolio for CCS (College of Creative Studies) and SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). Hoping to get accepted to one of the two. o3o Decided I want to go make video games, or at least do character designs~ I've been addicted to a site called TinierMe, which is like, ten times cooler than Gaia Online. >:3 Oh, and just last night had my sketchbook spilled on by a drunk dude. >: He gave me 10 bucks, but it still ruined the tops of the last pages of my book... least there wasn't anything drawn of those.

But yeah, back from being grounded. |D
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Ffff, everyone else is doing one, so I figured I should too. 'Sides, haven't wrote a journal in a month. o3o

-----------• × • A L L | A B O U T | M E • × •--------------
- Name: I go by Echo, Hibiki, Mukmuk, Lunar, or Hibibi.
- Single or taken: Single and not looking~ ;3
- Sex: Female
- Birthday: June 3, 1992. Almost 18. >:3
- Sign: Gemini
- Hair color: Naturally Blond. ATM It goes from black roots to a plat. blond at the ends. XD My roots don't like hair dye.
- Eye color: A darker blue-green?
- Height: 5' 2.5" =w=
- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Straight

-----------• × • F A S H I O N | S T U F F • × •--------------

- Favorite place to shop for clothes?: Um... thrift stores? c:
- Favorite designer?: ME. >:'D *shot* Naw, I don't really have one. Well, I suppose Tripp?
- What is your sexiest outfit?: :I Um... well, I haven't put any together, but I've got a couple bodices/corsets(?), a pair of stockings with a garter belt, leather chaps, a couple short shorts, a couple short skirts, and a pair of tall, high heel boots. Now all I need is the whip ;D
- What is your most comfortable outfit: I suppose it'd be my 'slut' jeans, a sleeveless turtleneck shirt, a long, black hoodie, and my cat hat. :3
- What do you usually wear?: Anything and nearly Everything. Whatever I wear depends on how I feel, or what I grab first in the morning. I like making my outfit match. =v=;

--------------• × • S P E C I F I C S • × • -------------------

- What kind of shampoo do you use?: :U Um... It varies? Sometimes Head and Shoulders, sometimes that stuff in the green bottle, and sometimes hotel shampoos cause I like stealing them. :'D
- Who is the last person that called you?: My momma. :> She's on a cruise right now.
- How many buddies are online right now?: I dunno. o3o

-------------• × • F A V O U R I T E S • × •-----------------

- Food: Pickles, Pork Tenderloin, Corned Beef Hash, Chicken Fingers, No Bake Cookies
- Girls' names: Serenity
- Boys' names: Keith
- Subjects in school: Art, Band, Chemistry isn't all to hard either. oAo
- Animals: Cats, Ravens, Snakes and Lizards, and Huskys (only Huskys though, no other dogs).

----------------• × • H A V E | Y O U | E V E R • × •-------------

- Given anyone a bath?: Nope. oAo
- Smoked?: Ew, no. D:
- Bungee jumped?: Um, does the Rip Cord thing at Michigan's Adventure count? :>
- Made yourself throw up?: DX No.
- Ever been in love?: I...I don't quite know. >:
- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: N-- wait, yes? I didn't 'make' myself cry, I just kinda started crying cause I was about 9-10 at the time. =w=;
- Cried when someone died?: I was very upset, but I never knew them that greatly. >: I got really close, but I was just very quiet instead.
- Lied?: Yes. |D
- Fallen for your best friend?: Pffff, Platonically, yes. =u= Romantically, no.
- Rejected someone?: Yes
- Used someone?: Sometimes?
- Done something you regret: Who hasn't really? >:

------------• × • C U R R E N T • × •--------------

- Clothes: Soft black kapris-like pants and my Black sleeveless turtleneck shirt. :3
- Desktop picture: A Purple K-ON! Pic of Mio Akiyama. <3
- CD in player: None. D:
- DVD in player: None again. >:

----------------• × • L A S T | P E R S O N • × •----------------------

- Hugged: ushi-cow :'3
- You IMed: UM. If Skype Counts, then either ushi-cow or theVampireEvander
- Talk to online: Um, lots o people? D:

---------------• × • A R E | Y O U • × •---------------------

- Understanding: Enough to get me by. I lack understanding for some more... serious(?) things?
- Hungry: Getting there. >:
- Open-minded: Yeah
- Arrogant: I don't think so? oAo
- Insecure?: Yes. >__<;; Despite the fact that so many people tell me I have no reason to be, I'm horribly insecure.
- Random?: Not really. :I
- Smart: = w = Kinda-sorta-not really...
- Organized: >___> sometimes?
- Shy: Very. D: It seems to go hand-in-hand with my Insecurity thing. ;~;
- Difficult: I don't think so. On some topics, I can be, but not on much.
- Bored easily: Depends. =w=

---------• × • W H O | D O | Y O U | W A N T | TO • × •--------

- Kill: The person in the school system that made math and gym required
- Slap: All the annoying Sophomores in my Chemistry class who won't shut the fuck up and listen to the damn teacher. =_=
- Get really wasted with: D: I wouldn't really want to, but I suppose ushi-cow and my Mom
- Get high with: My Uncle. |D
- Talk to offline: um, people?
- Talk to online: More people?

------------------• × • R A N D O M • × •---------------------

- In the morning: I don't wanna wake up, but can't fall back asleep after waking up
- Love is: something I'm excited, yet scared to experience. *3*
- I dream about: Fantasy~ <3
- What do you notice first in the opposite sex?: Voice and Attire/Outfit.

---------------• × • W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R • × ---------------

- Coke or Pepsi: Coke~ <3
- Flowers or candy: Candy~
- Tall or short: Short |D

---------------• × • W H O • × • ---------------

- Makes you laugh the most?: Most people can make me laugh. |D I'm fairly easy to amuse~
- Makes you smile: Same as above~
- Gives you a funny feeling when you look at them?: :I WAT?

--------------• × • D O | Y O U | E V E R • × •-----------------

- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: Not really
- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: Yes
- Wish you were younger?: No. D: I get confused for being younger now, god knows what would happen if I WAS younger.
- Cry because someone said something to you?: Yeah

-----------• × • N U M B E R • × •--------------

- Of times I have had my heart broken: None, I guess
- Of guys I've kissed: none |D
- Of girls I've kissed: none |D
- Of CD's I own: over 15?
- Of scars on my body: None? I can't find any at least, I think the little ones I had went away.
  • Listening to: My Youtube Favorites
  • Drinking: Tea
For :iconsecret-panda:
Updated 6/1/12 with a few more characters. c:
Updated 5/19/12 with a few more peeps and outfit updates. As well as slowly updating description, cause some of them... eeeh... e__e;
Updated 8/29/11 with changes in info, characters, etc. o:

:heart: = Normal Exchange
:bulletred: = Themed Exchange
First pictures are, for the most part, most recent outfit/look, others are up for color pallet ref, ref for something the first picture didn't show, etc.

Note: You don't have to do someone who has a heart/bullet by their name, they're just who I'd love to see that month. c: You're more than welcome to surprise me and do someone else on the list~

My Main Story, Nyte Lyfe:

Gang: Infinite Stars

Shin: [blond hair, left eye purple, right eye gold]
:star: :star: :star: :star:
Age: 18 - A very kind girl who traveled to and fro to find her ex-friend/rival Kit. Is the "co-leader" of the gang known as Infinite Stars, though is really only in the gang to find and battle Kit. Won't resort to violence unless she is being attacked first, or it involved Kit. She believes her mother was killed by Kit, and as such has vowed to track her down and make her pay for what she thinks she's done.

Camus: [black hair, green eyes, red glasses] [<-New jacket design, same colors as old outfit however]  ;
Age: 19 - A gentle guy who cares greatly for his friends. He's extremely chivalrous, and refuses to hit a lady for reasons unknown. He is the leader of the gang Infinite Stars, and is known as the pushover-leader, as outside of battle he's a very caring and non-bloodthirsty person. In a fight however, he does get very serious, but cannot bring himself to fight female opponents. Has a bit of a "rivalry" with Zai, but it's mostly just Zai being jealous of his lifestyle.

:bulletred: Ari: [brown and blond hair, dark brown eyes]
Age: 20 – A bit of an asshole at first glance who's very un-trusting of most people in the city. Is in Infinite Stars with his twin sister, Ria, and is a long time friend of Camus. Is almost always seen smoking and riding his skateboard around town when not at work. Uses a gun he hides in the sleeves of his oversized hoodie.

:bulletred: Ria: [blond and brown hair, light brown eyes]…
Age: 20 – A hyperactive, happy-go-lucky type of girl who is in Infinite Stars with her twin brother. It's possible she's bi, or something, no one's really sure what's up with her, as she lovingly fawns over almost anyone. Is good friends with Chris, despite their gangs being such fiercely rivaled. Bouncy and full of confidence, the brass-knuckle fighter can hold her own easily against the longer ranged weapon-users.

Gang: Creatures of the Midnight

Kit: [dark blue hair, grey eyes]
:star: :star: :star:
Age: 18 - A woman exhilarated with the power she holds in the city, using force and sex appeal to get her way. She is the leader of the gang Creatures of the Midnight, and has quite the reputation of being a cold, heartless bitch. Once friends with Shin, she burnt a large portion of her old home in a mysterious fit before leaving the nearly ruined town.

Kouken: [Two-toned Blue hair, left eye gold eye, missing right eye] Is under re-design outfit wise, but for now just use
Age: 22 - A tall man with a somewhat unnerving appearance that often startles or scares off most people. The black markings/tattoos on his face scare many away, and his gold eye seems to make people shiver when they look at it. He is the co-leader of the gang known as Creatures of the Midnight. He has a rather laid-back attitude, and doesn't get angered by much. Despite being so close to Kitsune, he is rather fond of Shin, and will step in on any fights between the two to keep her safe.

Zai: [Black hair, Dark Blue eyes, a bit of red under his eyes] Is under a slight re-design outfit wise, but for now just use
Age: 19 - A womanizing, sex-loving druggie. He'll try to get into any girl's pants he can, though he has his eyes set on getting Shin. It seems his attraction from her comes from an ex-girlfriend named Kayla, whom looked like she could be a sister or relative. He has a rivalry of sorts with Camus, hating his guts for being so like-able. He and his two friends, Paco and Janice, and usually found in a fairly hidden "coffee shop" or out at Paco's house, doing whatever drugs they can get their paws on.

Chris: [Pink and Brown hair, Blue eye] Is under re-design outfit wise, but for now just use
:star:  :star:
Age: 17 - A bisexual boy who has a crush on both Kit and Kouken. His left eye was injured/blinded when he was younger, and so he uses dual Browning 9mms as his weapons so he doesn't have to get into close combat. After several years of practice, his aim is that of any two-eyed gunman. He's rather cheerful despite his half-blindness, and keeps a positive attitude. He loves math, and making plans and maps.

Gang: Toybox Heroes

Hibiki: [Blond hair, black eyes]… [<-New shirt/top, pants/shoes the same as old]
:star: :star:
Age: 16 - A really short, easily angered girl girl. She is the leader of a rather overlooked gang called Toybox Heroes, and closely supervises events the band Keith started up. She hates being called short, and binds what little chest she has to be close to flat chested as she can be, and viciously attacks anyone who pisses her off with a massively oversized mallet. Although she acts violently, she buckles quickly under too much emotional stress. She is constantly tormented by Saika, and constantly has to fight him to get him off her territory, despite the fact that he let her have the area to begin with. She is close with Rien however, and enjoys wearing some of the random outfits he makes.

Keith: [Dark Blue and Black hair, gold eyes, one or both eyes usually hidden by hair]…
:star: :star:
Age: 17 - A hot-headed boy who has the loyalty of a wolf. He's the co-leader of the gang Toybox Heroes. He also is the creator and lead singer of a small band. He is extremely protective of his gang members, and even more protective of Hibiki. Rumors of him being a werewolf, or raised by wolves have spread around the school, and to some of the city. No one's really sure where the rumor started, but with him not denying it and his wolf-like demeanor, many aren't sure it it's not true or not. Decent friends with Zai and Rien, and tried hard to learn to fight like Kouken, idolizing him greatly.

Choxe: [Silver hair, blue-green eyes]
:star: :star: :star: :star:
Age: 17 - A shy girl who plays guitar for Keith's band. She's extremely stage fright, until she steps on stage. Often teased about her hair color, she tags along with Hibiki and Zoe who beat down anyone who picks on her. She carries an arsenal of fireworks which she uses to distract opponents while her gang is fighting, since she herself isn't a fighter.

:bulletred: Zoe: [Two-toned Red hair, gold eyes]
Age: 18 - A tall, quiet girl whom radiates a demonic presence that scares many away. Though a nice person who enjoys nothing more than reading and a good talk about books, she is seen as the "cold, silent killer" type by others. She is always seen reading a small, black book, the contents of which are unknown to most. She has picked up the Bass for the band at school, and while she isn't the best, Choxe is helping her learn.

Gang: Red Crosses

Saika: [Blond hair, orange eyes, eyes almost always hidden by hair]…
Age: 23 - A playful man who underestimates how much damage he causes. He's the leader of a gang called Red Crosses, which is the second most deadly, if only for his habit of just randomly lashing out for no reason. He drinks a bit sometimes, and gets rather violent, but all the while having a stupid grin plastered on his face. He is attracted to Kit, but knows she has no interest in dating or anything, so he prefers to resort to groping her chest to get her angry. He keeps a close eye on Hibiki and her gang, finding promise in their skills, but enjoys teasing them and beating them up to make them 'grow'. He also LOVES green lollipops, and is usually never seen without one.

Gang: Devil's Harem

Rien: [Black and Blond hair, red eyes]
Age: 25 - A charming, but odd, man who sews a lot. He's the leader of the gang Devil's Harem, which is all female except for him. He has them wear skimpy or fetishy outfits that he finds attractive. He enjoys sewing cute/sexy/fetishy clothes for girls/women, and can seem a bit flamboyant at times, but is totally straight. He 'teaches' Zai and Keith many things, and they aren't exactly the cleanest things they're learning. However, despite his perverted-ness, he's not as pushy as Zai, and is much less forceful about getting a lady.

Non Gang Members

Michi: [White hair, gold eyes]…
:star: :star:
Age: 16 - A soft-spoken but sweet girl who works at a cafe. She is rather clumsy, but is extremely good at cooking. Is usually seen helping around at the school after classes, at the café working, or following around Myxinshou, worrying about her and the cuts on her arms.
AlternateUniverse Michi is a cat-girl who is a maid for a group known as Iya Kokoro, which is run by a tyrant names Kaen. She's oblivious to the horrible things the group does as she cleans their house and cooks for them. She does have a crush on one of the members, but he has his eyes set on someone else.

Myxinshou: [Purple-blue hair, red eyes]
Age: 20 - A sadomasochistic woman with a bit of an anger problem. She works part time at the same cafe Michi works at, who worries over the many bandages on her arms at work. She enjoys cutting herself when out of work, licking the blood from her knife. She loves fighting and goes absolutely ecstatic when cut by someone else.

Hakku or DJ H: [Purple hair, yellow eyes] Has an un-posted outfit update, but for now just use
Age: 20 - A laid back man who is a DJ for a living. He tries often to get Keith and Choxe to work with him, but both refuse, staying with their band. He has an assistant whom he has a very close relationship with, but because she's a reverse trap, he's often called gay. For the most part, is a mostly D'n'B DJ, but he does play around with other styles. Has an extreme dislike of dubstep, however.

Precious Metals characters: :new:

:heart: Gold: [Two-shade Brown Hair, Blue-green Eyes somewhat distorted behind a golden visor]
Age: 23 - A "superhero" with the power of magnetism. He, in all honesty, is not exactly superhero material, and doesn't really go around the city saving the day. While a boy who luckily, or unluckily, inherited powers, his only reason for becoming a "hero" was because of his fascination (bordering on obsession) with the thief known as Silver. An upbeat sort of guy meaning no hard, he seems much more like the comic relief than a main character.

:heart: Silver: [Silver/white hair, ???? eyes]
Age: 25 - A woman shrouded in mystery, known only as Silver, the only thing she steals from jewelry stores. With speed faster than average, flexibility of a contortionist, and hearing that is so sharp she can pin-point where a pin dropped even with her blindfold, this jewelry thief has eluded even the most difficult of traps set by the police. Enjoys toying with Gold, confident with herself that she won't be caught, but those days when he does get close... she can't help but feel a little nervous.

Dream Fighters characters: :new:

Ellie: [Black hair, green eyes] [while those are her original colors, feel free to play with any of the palettes in the second link!]…
Age: 16 - The really athletic type, who is normally always seen with track shorts and a sweater; or at least the shorts. She's well known on the track team at her school, but outside of that, she just sorta fades into the background; which is ok with her. But she's HUGE on getting at bullies, just hates seeing people bullied, so she'll step out of the background to take care of them.

Misc RP characters:

:heart: Felix: [black hair, red eyes with dark bags under his eyes]…
Age: 17 - A sickly blood mage who aspires to be a great mage like his father. More often than not is overloaded with pills and medicine due to his almost constant sickness, making him seem very out of it. A good kid at heart, even if it's weak.

:bulletred: Azure or Az: [black and blond hair, red eyes that are normally closed]
Age: Appears 20 - A perverted, cocky vampire who loves to troll about and mess with people. Only likes blood from ladies, but won't be picky in none are around. Totes Serenity around by a leash, and usually "puts words in her mouth" to "talk" with her. Has slight control over shadows, and loves blending into them to scare people.

Serenity: [blond hair, blue-grey eyes]
Age: 18 - A young werewolf girl who's gone mute after Az murdered her pack and was taken along with him. While deeply angered by Az's actions, the trauma of losing everything keeps her "clinging" to him, afraid to lose him. Usually has a distant or pained look on her face, but sometimes a small smile will come across her lips while she loses herself in the music from her violin.

Julia: [Purple hair, yellow-gold eyes]
:star: :star:
Age: 25 - A posh, violent, self-centered woman who is part of The Joker's "Card Club" She is the 2 of Diamonds, and has the title 'Jewelry Thief in-training' She uses two 9mm Browning Pistols as her weapons, and is attracted to jewelry; so attracted to them she'll kill a person to get some. She could also be considered very attractive, with her large bust and all.

:new: :heart: Scarlet Devonshire: [Green hair, red eyes]…
Age: 22 - A cleric Gardevoir gijinka who works for and follows the Church of Arceus, and has a very headstrong personality. Not one to back down because of "gender roles", she gets into fights with the knights just as often as she passes judgement on those sinning.

Coming Soon!

List of Pairings: [for those who want to do a couple doll]
+Shin x Camus - Innocent love; cuddling, sweet kisses, stuff like that. Nothing too naughty. :star:
+Shin x Kouken - Protective or Sibling-like; Kouken protecting Shin or something like that. He loves her a lot, but Shin sees him as a brother or close friend, so he respects that and refrains from pushing the relationship. :star:
+Shin x Zai - Far from innocent; Zai enjoys the s3x, and wants some with Shin. Shin deathly hates him and teh s3x. He'll use any chance he can to get close to her, and will even fight her in an attempt to keep her from fighting with someone else.
+Hibiki x Keith - Any sort of romance these two can adapt to, innocent or not. Keith is extremely protective of Hibiki, and makes sure others know not to get close to her.
+Hibiki x Saika - Rivalry or Playful; Saika gave Hibiki part of his territory, the school, but in exchange constantly pops in and fights with her and her gang, usually beating her and Keith til they can't move. He enjoys playing with her by calling her "Kitten" or "Mini-cat". Hibiki enjoys the spars when they don't end up incapacitating her, but loathes him when he wants to play.
+Kitsune x Kouken - Violent/Love-Hate; Kitsune is very dominating and forceful, but not necessarily in the 'loving' way. She herself isn't very loving, and when she is, she shows her affection through violence. So Kouken usually come out of it with a couple scratches, not wanting to fight against his leader/creator.
+Az x Serenity - Not really a "pairing", but the two are almost always together. Either a base with him being a creeper and her looking annoyed, or one with her playing a violin and him watching would be cute.
:new:+Gold x Silver - Pretty one-sided; Gold has a strange fascination with Silver, but she wants nothing to do with him under the assumption that he just wants to turn her in to the authorities.
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Lul, yeah. Cleaned up my gallery. :'o Cause my Mac laptop, Zai, actually likes to put the pictures into folders! <3

So, I kinda shoved all the traced bases outta featured. So there's only Original bases, or bases I fixed up. o3o
By the by though, I srsly need to keep with that 'I'mma make more original bases' thing I said a while ago. =w=; So probably that Magnet base is the last trace base. xD; So yup yup~ Enjoy! 8'D

No this is not for some hidden reason or anything, just felt like cleaning up because my laptop is letting the folder system work. :'3 Unlike my desktop. D':
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Stolen from SerusPixels @ w @

1] Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2] For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

bEEp by The Pussycat Dolls

Whipstickagostop by Mindless Self Indulgence

Hare Hare Yukai by Aya Hirano, Minori Chihara & Yuko Goto
They have to be an Alien, Time Traveler, or Esper? o.o

Marionette Purple [Carl Clovers theme] by Daisuke Ishiwatari
>:3 Like an awesome Shota Vigilante with a Puppet!

Addicted by Saving Abel
Love? o A o

Hyper Pressure by ASK
Happy and Hardcore. >8D

King of the Dancehall by Beenie Man
... D'8

Just Like You by Three Days Grace
;3; Idk whether to take it in a good or bad way.

Vacation by Vitamin C

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Face to Face by Daft Punk

Going Under by Evanescence
;__; I... don't wanna go away from them, or vice versa! <33 I love them too much...

Up Against the Wall by 'N Sync
.////. Oh god, that'd be awkward if I had someone I liked like that.

Lady Marmalade (Moulin Rouge) by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink & Missy Elliot
D: I become a sexeh lady to get the moneys?

The Battle for Everyone's Souls by Shoji Meguro
A persona user? >:3 I'm down with that! Or, working for Atlus? XD Either or, both would be awesome.

Naraku no Hana by Eiko Shimamiya
:I Only problem, I don't have anyone I like.

My Band by D12

King Kong by Hinoi Team
D: But it's so... happy...

The Hell Song by Sum 41
Uh... XD

In my Arms by Plumb
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Remember this?…

I made a how-to video owo…

:3 I got permission from Lacy, so it's all good~ I thought it was fitting since the original picture was of Rin and Len, that the video should have their music, so it does. 8'3
So. This is how I doll. In... super-speed. XD There's a part 2, cause it was too long, and I didn't wanna speed it up more. Sorry for the quality-related glitches in the video. :iconotlplz: Shouldn't have recorded the whole screen. =w=;


*is still slowly working on Sketches and Prizes* ;3;
I'm getting a sketch from Frozen-Child82, so now I have to share teh love~

First 10 people to reply may get a sketch. Examples may be found on my alt account, Mukmuk. I'll do up to two people in a sketch.
If you get on the list, you also have to make a journal and give 10 sketches.

1-BMeMyselfNI - OCs BMeCat & Lucy ( 100% ) -…
2-yamitenshi360 - OC Hikari ( 100% ) -…
3-HappehCakes - OC Loty & Lucas from Earthbound ( 100% ) -…
4-Ichigo-Rush - OC Roger ( 100% ) -…
5-Sasori-master - OCs Kira & chizuke and taikeru's OC Chizuke ( 0% )
6-DomieDoll - OCs Sissy & Jacob ( 0% )
7-Axzura - OC Axzura ( 0% )
8-lainekoi - OC Laine ( 0% )
9-Red--Iodine - Roxas from KH ( 0% )
10-VICIOUSkittyLOL - Some Girl (ref needed) ( 0% )

11-ChaosTearKitsune ( cause I promised her one LONG ago. >3< ) - ?? ( 0% )

To-do List:
Prize for :iconjuno-park: (done)
Prize for :iconpixelated-tasha:
6 Sketches for people
Right. So. Went onto Gaia today to edit my profile... For a while now, I've been a member at Global PokedeX Plus; a site where you get pokemon eggs, click them to hatch, then lvl them up by feeding them berries. And just before I went on a bit of a hiatus from it, I had obtained a Missing.NO egg. I was happy~ c: It was a special 'event' pokemon thing, so I was kinda glad I got one. But, I looked on my Gaia page today, remembering I had posted little images of my party on my Profile... Well. Lets just say, I never remembered having my chikarita egg hatched and fully evolved. :I
All I have to say... is WOW. Someone is really THAT bored that they steal and then delete an account on a site with POKEMON EGGS. .__.; Pokemon... eggs... That dude/dudette needs to get a life. Really. I mean, it's so pathetic. ~_~;

BUT! That's all in the past now. =w= I'm not too bothered by it. I mean, it was only a Missing.NO egg, and a couple other pokemon. Whoever hacked the account seemed to trade off all my pokemon, so they all went to a good home. XD I'd enjoy it if some of you silly peeps wouldn't mine sparing a few clicks now and then to hatch my new batch o' eggs~ :3 <- Right there. <3 Even if you click just one, that's fine~ ;w; Bunches of luv to all the pokemanz! :iconpokeballplz:
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Ok. Sorry guys. =^=; I had a bit of an emo-not-thinking-straight moment last night. Talking with some close friends, I'm sorted out again.

PLEASE, btw, don't think that I made this for the sole reason of all the "Don't remove your bases. D8 We love thems~" comments. >^<; I realized that and I was worried. XD Not that you're comments are unwanted, but to those who do want me to stop, it seems like the common DA Drama. D; Ya know; artist gets bitched at about art, artist rallies their "minion-supporters", artist flames and spams artist who bitched at them.' Yeah, that. I NEVER meant this journal in that way, please know that. I was just venting; journals are quite convenient, and nice for letting feelings out. =v=; *probably should've just ranted on Wordpad*

I won't remove the bases. As many have said in comments, Dolling and Basemaking are just another form of art. While some don't think it is, and are repulsed by it, others love it. Nothing we can do. Many people learn by practicing, and perhaps dolling helps them learn how to draw a body, or folds in clothing, or how hair moves in motion, or shading, or... Whatever! It shouldn't matter; they're learning and having fun, so let 'em have fun. <3

... So I've been thinking... I should really take down most of my bases. =A=

Personally, I don't like being told over and over again that I'm stealing art; Grant it I know many other basemakers I'm sure get told this as well, but I still don't like it. >_<; I'm thinkin' I'll remove all but the original art/photo ones. Which would mean... 4 Bases, and one base I made with art from Meokio whom gave me permission to use her art, and one Base edit.
Aaand, that probably means most of you are gonna hate me. =v= Yus yus, I know. And sorry, but as all these 'anti-art theft' people are continuously saying, It's not my art. -3-

I think I had an emo moment like this last year... >.>; Can't remember... But yeah; I think I'm a bit more serious about it this time...

Hell, I might even stop posting dolls! So many people think that the anime dolls aren't even art... Shall I stop drawing too?! Is anime is so low on the 'art' scale that it doesn't deserve to be art? Really? Shall I just pick up realism and still live? Or Cartoons, hell, I love cartoons, can't draw them, but I love them none the less. Oh, or maybe we could pick up some... horrible demented looking style, that is apparently better than anime just cause it isn't so... generic? well FUCK ME, why don't we all just start drawing realism and, ya know, we totally won't be GENERIC then will we?
Maybe if we draw in realism, and reference a pose from something, we won't be asked if we draw original stuff. Or is looking at something and drawing a pose similar to is now tracing? Is drawing something COMPLETELY different from what you're looking at, but using a similar pose, tracing? NO, I don't mean bases.

Fuck me... now I'm ranting about shit that doesn't even make sense, will get me into a fight with someone who reads this, and the rest of you probably won't even read it. You probably didn't read the part of this journal that actually mattered... No, I won't stop drawing; fuck that. I'd rather shoot myself than stop drawing. And it'd be pretty damn hard to get me to do anything that fucking pathetic...
I'll doll for myself, if it honestly comes to that... I'll use the base for fun, but won't put it up. Because according to all the rest of DA, bases are for people who can't draw...

So if you'll all excuse me... I'm going to go cry my frustration out to my stuffed husky...